We’re working on a new network for local authority, town and parish councillors, building on our work with CllrSocMed and the training we’ve delivered to workshop groups and at the LocalGovCamp unconferences we’ve organised.

Your Councillor will serve the following purposes:-

  • Lowering the entry threshold to setting up a blog and helping councillors online
  • Providing access to extensive resources including a knowledge base and video tutorials
  • Providing and facilitating an active online community including forums and groups where you can collaborate safely on all things related to social media
  • Enabling access to regional workshops, roadshows and other training
  • Delivering premium support services including a social media helpline and tailored packages
  • Compiling a searchable directory of all online Councillors
  • Helping citizens to identify and engage with their elected representatives

Your Councillor is being developed by Digital Nomads, a local authority ‘spin-off’ with experience of facilitating online networks including the www.publicsectornomads.com¬†membership community.

Digital Nomads was founded by Ken Eastwood, a former local authority Assistant Director with 26 years experience. Laura Fox joined the board in 2012, bringing 20 years local government experience and additional expertise in training and community management.


Images of Your Councillor on various Apple devices